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Méribel Ski School FAQs

Are lift passes included in the ski lessons at Méribel?

Lift passes across the Three Valleys are sold separately and as such, are not included as part of the ski lessons signed up for at Méribel. You will be required to purchase a lift pass for yourself or for the person within your travelling party who requires the ski lessons (whether they are a child or an adult), prior to the first ski lessons at the resort as the beginner and nursery areas in Méribel request lift pass access. Depending on what time of the season you choose to visit Méribel, there may be beginner passes or discounts for first-time skiers ( these are not guaranteed), however, the current ski passes will require a full acquisition before you can access the slopes and the schools.

How can I book a ski lesson at Méribel?

There are a number of ways of booking your ski lessons at Méribel. You can also either book them directly with the ski schools and in person, or you can book them with us and online. We will strongly recommend that you book your ski lessons with us directly before you arrive at Méribel on your ski holiday. The advantage of this is that it saves you precious time, visiting ski school after ski school in search of a vacant space which could be very difficult to obtain particularly in peak times. Booking your ski lessons with us at Erna Low, will essentially save you the hassle and place you ahead of the queue before you even get there. In addition to reserving you a place ahead of time, booking your ski lessons with us online is probably the easiest method of booking your ski lessons as they are simply added to the overall holiday package, once ordered.

What type of ski lessons should I book at Méribel?

There are different levels of ski lessons and instructions at the ski schools at Méribel, so it is advisable to select the lessons that best suit your ski ability level and that of your family member or friend accompanying you to Méribel. You can select any ski level available which usually begins at novice level for people with zero experience and confidence in skiing or snowboarding or very young kids learning to ski for the very first time. There are also classes for cautious beginners with limited experience in skiing; some of whom may have had skiing lessons in the past but have been unable to improve on their skills ever since. Ski lessons also include lessons for confident beginner level and intermediate skiers looking to carry their skiing to a higher level. Ski lessons can be individual and personal instructing up with one instructor offering close personal coaching or the most common which is group ski lessons where skiers are grouped according to their ski abilities and tutored together as a group. This particularly helps with children who will gain confidence and support from their peers and also possibly form new friendships. There are pros and cons to all the types of ski lessons available; group sessions are usually cheaper and may potentially be much more fun having a large group of people to engage with, however, private lessons may occasionally work out cheaper as with a ski instructor, you can learn a lot quicker with one to one coaching and therefore require fewer classes than one would need within a group. Whatever the lesson required there are enough ski schools Meribel has to offer and Erna Low guarantees that you will be receiving top-level ski lessons at the resort.

Why should I book my Méribel ski lessons with Erna Low?

Over the years at Erna Low, we have established trusted and enduring relationships with a number of carefully selected ski schools not only in Méribel but across the Alps. We have been in the industry for over 90 years, which has given us the opportunity to know some of the best-rated ski schools in the Alps and be part of their journey from their early beginnings all through their development into some of the Alps most highly regarded ski schools. We are kept very well informed on available lessons at any given time as well as the best and least favourable times to book an appointment. The process of booking your Méribel ski lessons with Erna Low is also an extremely easy process that takes very little time to complete because we will simply be adding the classes to your overall package once purchased; it functions in the same booking manner as does when you order your ski equipment and ski passes with Erna Low.

Are the ski lessons in Méribel in English?

Yes. Regardless of the numerous ski schools Méribel has available, Erna Low ensures that all partner schools will be administering your Méribel ski lessons and instructions in English. We ensure that all our partner ski schools have tutors who are multilingual and speak at least two languages including English for our British and English speaking customers from other parts of the world. If you are placed in a group of skiers from different countries who speak a number of languages, it will not be an issue at all as the instructors are all very well trained in a number of languages and you will still receive your instructions in English.

Is it possible to rent or hire ski equipment for children for their ski lessons at Méribel?

Yes, of course. You may be able to hire ski equipment for your children who are taking ski lessons in Méribel. There is ski equipment available to hire for children as young as 3 years old and up to 17 years old; all age ranges are catered to. Please note that all ski equipment should be hired separately and should be secured prior to the start of your ski lessons at Méribel. The ski equipment is not included in the final cost of the ski lessons as these need to be obtained from the ski hire shops and rentals in Méribel.