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Are lift passes included in the ski lessons at Avoriaz?

No. Lift passes are not included in the final cost for ski lessons in Avoriaz as well as the rest of the Portes du Soliel. Lift passes are sold separately and as such, you will need to purchase and secure a ski pass for yourself and or for your friend or family member who will also be taking the ski lessons. They will have to be purchased and obtained before gaining access to the ski schools at the resort in Avoriaz. The different resorts in the Alps all have different ski pass categories and discounts to go with them; Avoriaz does have a dedicated beginner lift pass that grants access to the different beginner areas at the resort and can be purchased for 5-hour, 1-day or 2-day durations. It grants access to all beginner areas via the following lifts: 3S des Prodains (express cable car), TS du Plateau (chairlift), TS du Tour (chairlift), TS des Dromonts 1 et 2 (chairlifts), TSK Trashers (ski tow), TSK des Ecoles 1 et 2 (ski tows), TSK Chapelle (ski tow), TC Super Morzine (gondola), TS Zore (chairlift), TSK Baron (ski tow), TS Serraussaix (chairlift), TS Proclou (chairlift), TC Ardent (gondola), TS Léchère (chairlift), and TSK Barmettes (ski tow). Please note that this is liable to change in the future.

How can I book a ski lesson at Avoriaz?

There are different ways to book your Avoriaz ski lessons. You can opt to book your ski lessons directly with any of the numerous ski schools at Avoriaz upon arrival and which also can also be done in person; however, you can also book your ski school and ski lessons with us at Erna Low online and as part of your overall ski holiday package. The advantage of booking your ski lessons with us directly is that you are able to secure your spot ahead of other visitors who may opt to walk in and book their lessons in person at the resort, risking all the classes being already booked out ( especially in the peak season where visitor numbers are the highest). It saves you all the hassle and is very easily added to your overall holiday booking. It is by far one of the most convenient methods of booking and securing your Avoriaz ski lessons. Simply as for your ski lessons to be added to your booking. Its that simple.

What type of ski lessons should I book at Avoriaz?

There are different ski lessons taught at the various ski schools at Avoriaz, with all the lessons reflecting the different ski ability levels that there are. When trying to book a ski school or ski lesson for yourself and any others you are visiting with, please ensure that you are fully aware of your ability levels and choose the lessons that reflect them accordingly. The ski lessons are not only exclusive to beginners and range from first-timers and young children through to early beginners who are looking to perfect their skills and up to confident intermediates who may be after taking their skills to the next level or may also be learning how to tackle various challenging terrain. Ski lessons can be administered on a personal, one-to-one basis, which some might find very effective; however, they can also be given in groups ( the most popular method in the Alps) consisting of skiers all on the same ability level. This seems to be effective for others who prefer to learn from their peers and may also thrive on the support of a peer group.

Why should I book my Avoriaz ski lessons with Erna Low?

Erna Low has been in the ski holiday industry for over 90 years and during this time period we have been able to identify some of the most highly rated ski schools across the Alps; having been in the industry for so long, we have also been able to establish and maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with some of these top ski schools and instructors. When you book your ski school and ski lessons with Erna Low, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best tutorship available. The booking process is also very easy and is probably one of the most convenient ways to get your lessons booked as we simply just include it with your overall booking. Booking your ski lessons with us also saves you a spot ahead of time prior to arriving at Avoriaz.

Are the ski lessons in Avoriaz in English?

Yes. All the ski lessons at Avoriaz will be provided in English. Whether you have booked a private lesson or you are part of a learning group, all the teachers and instructors tasked with delivering the lessons are all English speaking. The majority of the instructors are multi-lingual and specialise in tutoring in different languages which is essential as there is always a high potential of having a number of different language speakers within a learning group; should this be the case, you will still be receiving your instructions in English.

Is it possible to rent or hire ski equipment for children for their ski lessons at Avoriaz?

Yes certainly. You can hire ski equipment for children as young as 3 years of age at Avoriaz and the other resorts in the Portes du Soliel. There are a number of ski equipment hire shops and rentals in Avoriaz where you can secure ski equipment for your holiday, however, we will strongly recommend hiring your ski equipment with us directly online. It is probably the easiest method of securing your equipment. It does not cost any more than hiring at the resort, and it also secures the equipment for you before you even get to Avoriaz. You can easily include this service as part of your overall booking. Feel free to contact us for any additional information on this or check out our ski hire pages for Avoriaz as well. We are always available to provide you with any further help on this or anything else.